Updated: November 2018

eSports Betting Guide

Esports is the new trend currently grabbing the attention of the online betting industry, with more and more competitors and viewers alike taking an interest in the online competitive gaming arena. Esports is made up of a wide range of gaming activities including first person shooters, fighting games, and online battles where multiple teams of players compete for not just the trophy, but also the prestige of being the best. Like all sports where there are winners, losers, and prize money up for grabs eSports is also now attracting its fair share of betting enthusiasts as well – and it has already achieved a decent turnover. And with new technology making it even easier for the enthusiastic horde of young people to view matches the turnover will only continue to grow.

Most bookmakers have been a little slow on the uptake as to the profit potential of this new phenomenon but a few of the larger online betting providers are beginning to recognize the opportunity and have made eSports matches available as legitimate betting opportunities.

Most Popular eSports Games


Dota 2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Super Smash Bros
Call of Duty
League of Legends
Halo 5: Guardians

If you’re an eSports enthusiast who likes to make each match a little more interesting by putting some money down, then Sports Betting Online is the place to be.

The Popularity of eSports

South Korea is where eSports first kicked off, with young Koreans always eager to watch their heroes shoot it out on the virtual battlefield. The growing popularity was in part due to the focus Asian countries had in providing fast broadband capabilities to the general populace. Many pro-gamers were also given the ability to make a living off their chosen eSport, and from the year 2000 skilled players have been able to earn money through sponsorships and licensing. In its fledgling year eSports featured 10 tournaments. Comparing that figure to 2010’s 260 tournaments and you can see the profit potential of this growing phenomenon.

Surprisingly, Japan has been known as a major player when it comes to competitive online gaming, but due to their strict anti-gambling laws, it is somewhat underrepresented in the betting arena. For this reason, a large portion of tournaments are held in China and Northern Europe, with the USA being home to at least half of the sum total of eSports Competitors in the world.

These days viewers can watch their favorite matches via online streaming services such as Twitch.tv, with live broadcasts of matches from every game imaginable. YouTube has now joined the fray with its own streaming service, as it too was quick to realize the profit potential in capturing an audience enthusiastic about eSports.

Most eSports are accessible via online broadcasts but a few have been covered by mainstream television services such as when ESPN2 broadcast their profiling documentary prior to the International finals in 2014. Twitch also reported numbers peaking at 735,000 during a recently broadcast battle; with Ninjas in Pajamas duking it out with Counter Logic, a record setting number in the so far brief history of the sport. Below are some of the important stats considered during a match.


• Deaths (D)

• Kills (K)

• Assits (A)

• Gold Per Minute (GPM)

• Last Hits (LH)

• Experience Per Minute (XPM)

Where to Get Your Bet On

Large companies such as William Hill and BetOnline have been quick to accept the betting opportunities offered by eSports with odds regularly on offer for a number of events at any one time. Head to head battles are currently popular with punters able to bet on an outright victory. It’s a work in progress as betting on eSports is still a fledgling market, but it has been around long enough for odds compilers to work out fair book percentages to make betting worthwhile for punters.

eSports William Hill Betting SiteEvery bit of research on the trend of eSports only points to further expansion. With increased popularity will come increased exposure, and even more bookmakers offering odds for online matches. The eSports betting market is also sure to increase with bets for margins of victories, correct scores, and whatever else the bookmakers can conjure up to make the punt more interesting. For video gamers the world over who also like to have a punt it’s a have your cake and eat it too situation, as there’s even more excitement when your money’s down on your favorite elite competitor, duking it out in your favorite game. Great deals are available with Sports Betting Online offering plenty of value, so check it out today.

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