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NewBettingSites.com has no policies in place nor do we employ any methods that would disclose any personal data on its visitors or members to any third-party. We protect your identity, email address and any contact information. This information is kept in our database and will be used only by us when communicating with you. This information will not be disclosed to any third-parties for any reason whatsoever.

Legal Disclaimer

NewBettingSites.com is an informational website that covers topics related to sports betting. The purpose of this site is to provide a hub for those interested in online wagering. NewBettingSites.com is informative and entertainment purposes only. All of our information and news on the industry is derived from substantive sources and news journalists who cover online gaming. The brands and websites displayed and listed on our site are not owned by NewBettingSites.com. Each individual betting site is solely responsible for their rules in terms their rights and legal policies. When you use and participate in a gambling website you will be using real money.


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