Types Of Bets

The Different Types Of Betting

Of all the different betting types the head-to-head type is the easiest to understand. All you have to do is predict which team will perform the best in the game. Both of a head-to head bet’s participants must place bets on gameplay. One or both of the participants also have to finish their bet with what they think the official result of the game will be. In all other cases, all bets are settled at 1.00 odds.

Group Betting
In group betting you have to predict the team that will finish with the highest rank in the game. In order for a bet to stand, each group participant must start the bet.

First Team To Score
In a first team to score bet you will be required to guess which team will score first in the game. If a draw ends up being an option, it is representing the fact that the match had no goal. Every bet that was placed on the team that scores first must be settled even if it turns out that the match is abandoned later.

Both Teams To Score
The Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market is one of the most recent additions to the big list of new football betting offers that has become very popular around the country as of lately. The concept of this offer is quite simple; one chooses a game that one thinks both teams will score. For more details click here.

Halftime Betting
When it comes to halftime betting you will have to predict its outcome. Even if the match is abandoned later any halftime bets placed still stand.

Halftime/Fulltime Betting
The Halftime/Fulltime betting involves betting on the match’s outcome at both of these points during the game. When a halftime match is 0-0 (X) and a fulltime match is 1-1 (X) the right combination is always X/X. When, at halftime, any match is 1-0 (1) and at fulltime it is 1-2 (2) ½ is always the prediction that is correct.

Betting Exchange
The Betting Exchange also serves as a marketplace that somewhat resembles the stock market. This market is used for placing bets between a minimum of two parties that carry views in which they oppose each other. For more details click here.

Under/Over and Totals
In Under/Over and totals bets you predict if the scores and the goals will be over or under the spread of any given offer. When the line is 2.5 and the match ends with a score of 1-1 this means two goals were scored during the match, making the correct prediction under 2.5. When the spread is 2.5 and the score at the end of the match is 3-0 this means three goals were scored, making the correction prediction over 2.5. All point bets and over/under bets end up settled if they exceed the spread on any offer. This holds true even if the match is abandoned later on. If the bets are not over at this point they are settled with 1.00 odds.

Handicap Betting
Handicap Betting involves predicting the outcome of any match in which a handicap is used. Whether there is a withdraw option or not handicap bets are still offered. If one of these bets happens to result in a draw bets are settled with 1.00 odds when the option of no-draw was offered.

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