Early 2024 US Presidential Elections Odds

Read on to learn about betting on political wagers. Make sure you bookmark this page as the odds change frequently.

Early 2024 US Presidential Elections Odds

The odds favor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election. DeSantis is the first state official to beat Trump in the betting lines.

The presidential elections in the US in 2024 will be decided by eight critical battleground states. These are referred to as swing states. These are usually the areas where the difference between the candidates will be decided.

Person to Win the 2024 US Presidential Election

Joe Biden +170
Donald Trump Sr. +220
Gavin Newsom +800
Ron DeSantis +850
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. +1200
Michelle Obama +1800

updated: July 12th, 2023


Donald Trump Sr. -300
Ron DeSantis +450
Vivek Ramaswamy +1600
Nikki Haley +2000
Tim Scott +2500
Mike Pence +3000

In the US, a legal gaming company called BetNow.eu has betting shops in various countries. It is one of the first companies to launch numbers in these regions.


Joe Biden -275
Gavin Newsom +400
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. +800
Michelle Obama +900
Kamala Harris +1200
Hillary Clinton +4000
Pete Buttigieg +6600


Republicans -110
Democrats -100
Any Other Party +3300

*Although the US does not allow betting on political events, it does allow wagers on the outcome of such events in certain jurisdictions.*

2024 US Elections Bets – Betting on the Giant Game of Chance

Betting is a common activity among many people in the world; however, it is not always sports events that people bet on. 2024 US election bets are taking place now and will continue until the actual election. The elections are a big deal for everyone and are a very serious topic in the news. These elections will be choosing who will run the nation over the next four years and can have a major impact on the economy if things go wrong.

2024 US election bets are really easy to make if you know where to look. You can find places online where you can sign up for and make bets, or you can download apps to your cell phone with which you can place bets. Some of the sites that you will find online will allow you to make bets for a small fee per bet, or they may charge you a monthly fee to make bets. You can also find betting places in your area, as well. However, betting online is much faster and easier as you do not have to waste the gas to get there and you do not have to stand in line for long periods of time to make your bet. You can also place bets 24 hours a day rather than waiting for some place to open.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when making your 2024 US election bets is the candidates: who they are, what party they represent, and also where they stand on each issue. You have to decide what ones are most important to you and choose from those points.

As the race for these candidates gets closer and closer to Election Day, it can be a very exciting and stressful time for the ones making the bets as the candidate they bet on can fall behind in the polls or jump ahead depending on the debates that they make in each part of the country. A few months after the elections for governors and legislators, the US will be barraged with campaign advertisements from presidential candidates. If history hold true, the candidates will get rather critical of each other, even candidates from the same party who are trying to win a primary election.

This gives you another avenue for 2024 US election bets. No only can you bet on the actual election, but you can bet on the primaries and who the candidates’ running mates will be as well, and many issues such as bills and laws that the politicians present on the ballot all open up new areas to place bets. You do not even have to be a registered voter or a citizen of the US to place 2024 US election bets. Elections are basically just a giant game of chance, and you can get in on it by placing 2024 US election bets. Why not make some profit from the biggest uncertainty the nation faces every four years? 2024 US election bets can be exciting and profitable.

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