The NFL continues to have the most parity among the four major professional sports leagues in the United States, and the curren 2021 season is undoubtedly no different. Due mainly to the draft and free agency, each new season offers clubs a chance to reboot. That means some projected playoff teams struggle to to stay out of the cellar, while a few surprising teams get on a roll and clinch a postseason berth.

2022 NFL Super Bowl Odds

Favorites to Win 2022 NFL Super Bowl

The common theme in the odds for this upcoming Super Bowl is that the reigning champions stay at the top of the list. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are holding strong at +550 odds to come back and win their second consecutive championship. That isn’t all too surprising considering they have Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski and many other star players spread across their roster.

The Kansas City Chiefs have flown up the rankings, going up to +650 odds after they have started to crush their competition again. Though it hasn’t been done offensively like we would have expected. Instead, they are clamping down on their opponents defensively and have finally found the rhythm that they have been searching for all year long.

The New England Patriots have skyrocketed over the course of the season, ranking third now at +700 odds after a statement win over the Buffalo Bills. This team was able to throw just three passes throughout that game and still come away with a win over a top-notch AFC opponent. If that doesn’t prove how talented and well coached, they are then I don’t know what does.

Other big teams to keep an eye on are the Arizona Cardinals (+800), the Green Bay Packers (+750) and the Los Angeles Rams (+1200). Arizona finally got Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins back and they cruised to an easy victory, yet again showcasing their dominance when healthy. The Packers with Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and Aaron Jones are a force to be reckoned with and the Los Angeles Rams are still arguably the most talented team in the league even though the chemistry just isn’t there at the moment. Any of the above-mentioned teams have an incredible chance to pull away with the Super Bowl win this season.

2022 Rookie of the Year Odds

Mac Jones is starting to run away with the Rookie of the Year award right now. He is far and away the most likely candidate to win at –600 odds. The Patriots rookie quarterback just won a game which saw him complete only two passes, but apparently that doesn’t matter too much. When compared to other rookie quarterbacks taken above him, there is no doubt that he has been the better player at the position. Plus, this award usually favors the quarterback position above all else due to their impact on winning. It’s Jones award to lose.

Ja’Marr Chase is behind Joens at +330 odds to win the award. Chase was definitely the favorite here up until the halfway point of the season. Many though he had drop issues during the preseason but he came out during the regular season and just exploded onto the scene. Scoring big touchdowns and even had a 200 plus receiving yard game. However, the second half of the season hasn’t been kind to him so far and he has dropped a few big passes the last couple of weeks. He may be the only other player that could catch up to Jones though.

Najee Harris should be watched closely the rest of the season despite having just +4500 odds to win. Harris isn’t the flashiest player in the world and running backs don’t normally get much attention during their rookie seasons, but he has been phenomenal for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jaylen Waddle is at +8000 odds right now and to be honest, if he was on another team besides the Miami Dolphins, he very well could have a much higher probability. His team didn’t perform well at the beginning of the season and it sort of set him back more than he had hoped. Given his recent production, anything is possible for the young stud. Finally, we need to mention Justin Fields at +5000 odds. This is likely a much bigger longshot than the odds tell you. Fields is incredibly talented but isn’t in a situation to succeed with little weapons to work with and a bad offensive line on the Chicago Bears. He struggled mightily in the few starts at quarterback he did get, and even now he isn’t on the field while Andy Dalton plays quarterback for them.

2022 NFL MVP Award Odds

Let’s be honest here, it will definitely be a quarterback winning this award. Only two players in the last 15 years have won the award and have played positions other than quarterback. There has just been nobody that really sets himself apart from the rest with Derrick Henry out for the year and Jonathan Taylor getting off to a slow start. This has left Tom Brady with the best odds at +150 to win. It feels like this is his millionth year in the league yet he is still getting the job done through the air. Their team hasn’t been excellent, but this group is scoring points with ease at times this season and Brady is a big reason why.

Josh Allen took a hit during the loss to the Patriots last week but still remains second at +450 odds. The young star has been great through the air and on the ground for Buffalo. This team simply wouldn’t even be in Super Bowl contention without him there.
Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murray are the next two on the list. Rodgers is posted up at +650 odds with the Packers positioning themselves for a run at the number one seed in the NFC Conference. Rodgers started the year off bad with that horrible loss to the New Orleans Saints, but has found a rhythm with Davante Adams once more. It’s also incredibly impressive how efficient he is when throwing the football, you rarely ever see him make poor decisions in the pocket. Then Murray is behind him at +800. In my opinion, I believe he should be a lot higher. However, availability is a big part of this award and Murray missed a few games due to injury which is what set him back.

Regardless, the young quarterback is leading the Cardinals to the best record in the league and scoring points at a pace that doesn’t seem real. Not to mention that he touched the ball about 25 times in his last game yet scored four touchdowns. That’s the type of talent he has showcased all year long when healthy.
Now getting into a few of the longshots, players like Patrick Mahomes (+1200), Dak Prescott (+1400) and Jonathan Taylor (+1500) all have their own shots at winning. Mahomes was turning the ball over more than any other player in the league early in the season, which makes it wildly difficult to give this to him even if he turns it around now. Dak Prescott started the year off incredibly hot, but with some of his wideouts missing time lately, his stats have taken a bit of a dip in production. Then finally, we have Taylor. It would be nice to see a non-quarterback win the award, but even Henry couldn’t do it with his 2000 plus yard season last year. Still, Taylor got on the map after scoring five touchdowns against a strong Buffalo Bills defense. He leads the NFL in touchdowns and rushing yards on top of that. Maybe a few more explosive scoring games could get him to be too good of an option to pass up.

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