Thursday Night Football

Ravens @ Bucs
This game could be a test for Tom Brady and the Bucs as they have gotten underneath the .500 mark for the first time in his professional career as he goes against a Baltimore defense that is ranked in the top 10 in the league and may have more to prove than usual heading into this game as he was kept out of the end zone the entire game by the Carolina Panthers defense in a 21-3 throbbing. As for the Ravens offense it could be a matter about the health of Lamar Jackson’s hip around game time according to his fantasy profile on
Our Pick: Bucs

Sunday Night Football

Panthers @ Falcons
Carolina’s defensive confidence has got to be soaring as just a week ago as of the time this game is supposed to be played they kept arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time out of the end zone but time will only tell if they can do the same thing with Marcus Mariota. As for Atlanta, just like always it will be a matter of how well they can play in the second half.
Our Pick: Panthers

Titans @ Texans
Houston is gonna have to come up with a switching of defensive strategies to beat the Titans have they have the 30th best running defense in the league, according to the statistics from the Associated Press. Performing at such a low level against Derrick Henry can only spell disaster for Houston. One thing to look for in this one is as of right now (Sunday night) Titans quarterback Ryan Tanehill is questionable with a potential ankle injury. Should Tanehill not start his back up is Malik Willis who is a seventh round pick out of Toledo in the 2018 draft.
Our Pick: Titans

Broncos @ Jaguars
If you want to watch this one you will have to wake up early due to the fact that the game is being played across the pond and is at 9:30 est. As for the game a big part of how well the Broncos performs is who ends up at quarterback as their normal starter, Russell Wilson is questionable for Sunday’s game. As for the Jaguars if they expect to win they are gonna have to severely limit their penalties as they got 13 in week 7 against the Giants.
Our Pick: Broncos

Cardinals @ Vikings
The Minnesota offense may have to be dependent on Kirk Cousins as it’s receivers as the Arizona defense has the fifth best rushing defense in the league statistically, giving up a clip of 101.1 yards per game according to the Associated Press.
Our Pick: Vikings

Dolphins @ Lions
Both teams will have something to prove in this one. For the Dolphins, it will be Tua’s second game back coming from concussion protocol and will need to prove that he can still target his deadly wide receiver corps. As for the Lions, it is questionable as to how complete their offense can be as they may be down De’Andre Swift and have been at least the last three games they have still amassed the seventh best running game in the league at a clip of 151.4 yards per game.
Our Pick: Dolphins

Giants @ Seahawks
If you were to create a team to try to dominate the Seahawks every single week chances are the way the New York Giants offense operates may in fact be it. Statistically, Seattle has the 31st best rushing defense in the league while the Giants have Saquon Barkley who already has four touchdowns and averages just over five yards a game while their quarterback Daniel Jones has47 rushes for 236 yards for the season.
Our Pick: Seahawks

49ers @ Rams
The fact that these two teams are only half a game apart from each other divisionally should give each team fuel. The Rams are coming off a bye week and therefore have had more time to study the 49ers. The 49ers defense will have something to prove after giving up 44 points to the Chiefs.
Our Pick: 49ers

Commanders @ Colts
With Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz on injured reserve it will be another test for their back up Taylor Heinicke who was 23-35 with 194 and a couple touchdowns against the Packers. As for the Colts if Matt Ryan and company can prevent turnovers, something which they haven’t been successful in doing so far. Colts quarterback Matt Ryan has thrown almost as many interceptions as touchdowns (eight interceptions and seven touchowns).
Our Pick: Colts

Bills @ Packers
They appear to be two teams who are heading in opposite directions as the Bills are on a three game winning streak and the Packers are on a four game losing streak. The Bills are leading the league in total yards, passing yards and third down percentage at a clip of 449.2 yards per game total, 323 passing yards and a 52.8 third down conversion rate, however third down is one place where the packers may be able to win is their defense has the best rate of getting their opposing teams to fourth down in the NFL at a rate of 26.6 percent.
Our Pick: Packers

Bengals @ Browns
Just like any other game with the Bengals a big part of the Browns ability to win will be it’s ability to contain Browns running back Nick Chubb and wide receiver Amari Cooper. As for the Bengals, if they can stay on the field on third down, they could make it an interesting game, a pace at which they have been able to do 47.6 percent of the time.
Our Pick: Bengals

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