Thursday night preview

Steelers @ Browns
With both teams coming off one score losses (31-30 for the Browns in a game against the Jets and a 17-14 Steelers loss could cause both of these teams to want to take their game up to another level. The main question is will they be able to do it. Our Pick: Steelers

Raiders @ Titans
With both teams looking for their first win of the season it could be a matter of which team finds their “voice” on the field. It’s more likely to be the Titans as both former New England Patriot coaches (Josh McDaniels, who is in his first season as Head Coach used to be the Patriots Offensive Coordinator while Mike Vrabel was a Patriots Linebacker). Our Pick: Titans

Falcons @ Seahawks
The Seahawks have something to prove this week a week after losing by 20 to San Francisco and for the Falcons they need to at least not fall behind early like they did last week as there is no guarantee they would be able to make a come back like they did last week against the Rams last week as they fell behind 28-3 in the third. Our Pick: Seahawks

Lions @ Vikings
With there being a four way tie in the NFC North this game could be considered a key matchup if both teams are in contention later in the season. One interesting matchup that might be worth watching is Kirk Cousins versus the Lions secondary as he has already thrown three picks this season, a trend which we will have to see if it continues and if it does it could be a matter of whether or not Kirk Cousins keeps his job at starter. Our Pick: Vikings

Ravens @ Patriots
Both teams came into this game with something to prove as the Ravens built a 21 point lead against Miami but could not keep in a 42-38 loss to the Dolphins. As for the Patriots they narrowly beat the Steelers 17-14. Our Pick: Ravens

Bengals @ Jets
With the Bengals looking for their first win of the season there is no doubt that they could come after 37 year old Jets quarterback Joe Flacco who brought the Jets from behind against the Cleveland Browns to win 31-30 the week before. Our Pick: Bengals

Jaguars @ Chargers
After a 24-0 shutdown of Indianapolis the previous week this game could be a test as to how good Jacksonville really is this year and could be a better litmus test for how much Trevor Lawrence actually improved in the offseason. As for the Chargers, this game could be an opportunity to start to take hold of a second seed in the AFC West behind the Chiefs should everybody else in the division falter for most of the year. Our Pick: Chargers

Packers @ Buccaneers
While this game will be another classic matchup of Brady versus Rogers we won’t know until later in the week how many healthy receivers he has. If it turns out he doesn’t have many then Brady will have to get back to being extremely resourceful like he sometimes had to do in New England. As for the Packers it will be a matter of how quick they will get to Brady as they have proven their defense is superior so far as they held the Bears to only one first down and 48 yards through the air last week. Our Pick: Packers

49ers @ Broncos
This game will be an opportunity for Jimmy Garrapolo to prove to the 49ers that they made a mistake in choosing Trey Lance over him for the starting job as Lance suffered a season ending ankle injury the week before. Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson will also have to prove something similar after a sub par performance which he survived with a win against the Texans the week before. Our Pick: 49ers

Cowboys @ Giants – Monday Night Football

The Monday night game this week is another classic rivalry game. However, with the Cowboys backup quarterback having to pick up the pieces for Dak Prescott it could come down to how much he can prove himself to the Cowboys that he is in fact the man for the job. For Prescott’s sake let’s hope not. As for the Giants it could come down to how well their running back Saquon Barkley can survive the Dallas D. Our Pick: Giants

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