NFL Player Props

NFL Player Prop Bets

Did you know you could hit a double whammy if you have a fantasy football team and you do what’s otherwise known as player prop betting? Player prop betting is something which has become a different way to bet if you live in one of the 30 states where sports betting is legal.

One of the biggest advantages to prop bets is they are paid out faster than bets on actual games. So now onto the real question.

What exactly Are NFL Player Prop Bets?

Simply put, it is a way to bet on a player instead of a game. When you bet on a player instead the things you have to think about are a little different but the way to figure out who to bet on doesn’t change much.

For example, if you bet that someone is gonna score a touchdown during the game and that bet is $50 and that player has a +500 chance of scoring a touchdown during the game you would get the $50 back plus $225 for a payout of $275.

Types of NFL Player Prop Bets

You can bet on more than just whether or not someone will score or achieve certain statistics.

First/Last/Anytime Touchdown Scorer Props

This type of bet is pretty self explanatory and exactly what they sound like. First touchdown scorer is who scores the game’s first touchdown, last touchdown scorer is who scores the games last touchdown and the anytime touchdown scorer can be anybody who scores touchdowns over the course of the game. If you guess correctly then you win the bet and how much you win is the same as described in the initial NFL player prop bets section. However, one thing that you typically cannot bet on is who will throw the game’s last touchdown. If you want the quarterback involved you will have to pick them to be the first or last to rush the ball into the end zone or have them record a touchdown reception.

Passing Props

While you can make some sweet money on passing props the rules for it are a little bit different and are also similar to rushing props which will be talked about in a minute. You can quite simply take an over/under on passing completions, yards or touchdowns.

Receiving Props

Just like with rushing and passing stats you can do an over under  on a certain player’s receptions, l receiving yards, and the game’s longest reception.

The best way to choose a player to have a big performance is to consider who they are playing, how often they are being targeted and what their recent performance has been like.

Rushing Props

You can do an over under on rushing attempts, yards or a combination of the two.

When deciding the dollar amount you want to bet and how big you want your rusher to go it’s best to consider the system they are in and how often they could potentially be targeted. If the player has an offensive coordinator who likes to run a lot and they are playing against a team that is not strong against the rush then chances are they will see a lot of touches.. If it is a team that is pass heavy then chances are they will record more receptions. Furthermore, weather conditions can play a big part in how often a team runs the ball, as freezing temperatures and snow will encourage teams to hand the ball to their running back more often than usual.

Last thing you need to take into consideration is playing time and how many times the team will rush and throw too. If he plays for a team that rotates out its backs then you will need to try to project how many touches he will get in comparison to the others.

Are NFL Player Prop Bets a Good Idea?

It really depends on how knowledgeable you are about players in general but it can be a good starting point if you already play fantasy football. If you’re confident that a certain player will accomplish something specific or achieve a certain stat for whatever logical reason you could potentially make some money.

When you decide on what your wager will be and who you are going to wager on some factors you can take into consideration is the strength of the offense/defense they are going to be playing, how well they have fared against the team in the past, the weather (this could be especially important if there is gonna be rain or snow), their overall health and how much they are projected to play.

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