Thursday night game

Dolphins @ Bengals
So far it appears that Miami’s major upgrades over the offseason have panned out as they have yet to relinquish a loss this season, which includes a win over the division rival Buffalo Bills who are arguably the best team in the NFL. As for the Bengals, Joe Burrow will have his hands full with the Miami defense, so that matchup could play a major factor on the victor.

Browns @ Falcons
The Falcons are notoriously bad for its ability to hold leads but if they can keep it close in the second half they should have a decent chance to win. One interesting matchup that could be worth watching is Atlanta’s defensive line versus Jacoby Brisset who only has one interception so far and has 64 yards rushing for the season.

Titans @ Colts
This year the Colts line has struggled mightily in trying to protect their new quarterback in Matt Ryan as he has already been sacked 12 times through just three games. So far Kansas City’s defense has held so it will be a matter of whether they can keep Matt Ryan at bay enough to let Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes do his thing.

Jaguars @ Eagles
This game could very well be determined by how well Jalen Hurts is gonna be able to break down the Jaguars defense. While Jacksonville had a dismal year last season, this year they are eighth in average total yards (323.5), third in rushing yards at 69.5 yards per game and fifth in total points at 14 points per game.

Jets @ Steelers
This game will be the second full week that TJ Watt is on injured reserve so this game has the potential to be a marathon as the Jets averaged the third highest passing yards per game to date at 303 yards per game while the Steelers only have the 22nd best defense at 252 yards per game to date.

Commanders @ Cowboys
An interesting matchup to watch for in this one could be the Commanders wide receiver corps versus Dallas’ secondary as Washington has commanded the second most passing yards per game in the league so far with 306.5 while Dallas’ defense has the sixth fewest passing yards thus far with 180.

Bills @ Ravens
While the Bills offense is a monstrous task for any team this year it at least appears that the best way the Ravens could make Buffalo a .500 team (they lost last week to the Dolphins) is going to be to shut down their running game and keeping Josh Allen behind the line of scrimmage as they have given up the eighth fewest running yards in the league on average at 84.5 points per game.

Cardinals @ Panthers
While neither team has done anything spectacular this season it’s gonna be a matter of which team can avoid getting sacked more as both teams have elusive quarterbacks in Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.

Broncos @ Raiders
Seem to be very evenly matched and you know at this point Josh McDaniels has to be anxious to get his first win in his young head coaching career so it’s gonna be a matter of whether or not he has the capacity to stop Russell Wilson.

Patriots @ Packers
Most of the attention will be on the Patriots offense as they most likely will have to go with one of their back up quarterbacks in Bryan Hoyer or Bailey Zapp. If Zapp is the starter it would be the first game of his career for the fourth round pick out of last year’s NFL draft.

Chiefs @ Bucs
Yet another Sunday night game for Tom Brady while he will be facing another elite quarterback. One week after facing Aaron Rodgers to whom he lost 14-12 he will be facing another elite quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. One matchup to look for is Kansas City’s passing game versus Tampa Bay’s secondary as they are sixth and eight in passing yards and passing yards against.

Monday Night game

Rams @ 49ers
One thing to watch for in this game is third down conversion as the Rams are currently fourth in third down conversions at 52.8 percent. As for San Francisco’s offense this game will be another opportunity for Jimmy G to prove that San Francisco made a mistake in wanting to start Trey Lance over him at the start of the season.

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