Thursday Night Football

Jaguars @ Jets
Trevor Lawrence and company will be looking to play spoiler to the Jets who are right at the cusp of being in playoff contention. As for the actual game with New York running back James Robinson being out, that could put more pressure on fellow running back Zonovan Knight who is averaging about five yards a carry. One interesting matchup to watch in this one could be the Jaguars passing attack against the Jets’ defense which has given up the fourth fewest passing yards in the league heading into week 16. Our Pick: Jaguars

Sunday Games

Saints @ Browns
Mark Ingram being out for the season could be a huge blow to the Saint’s offense. That means Cleveland could put pressure on New Orleans’ running game by making Alvin Kamara work that much harder by either putting him in more running situations or forcing him to block. As for the Browns, if Nick Chubb, who has helped get the Bruins to the fifth most running yards in the league, can keep the pressure on the Saint’s defense then that could help them dominate time of possession. Our Pick: Browns

Falcons @ Ravens
If things go south for Lamar Jackson in a sense this game could be a true battle of which team is deeper roster-wise as both teams could potentially have their backup quarterbacks starting. While Marcus Mariota is out for the season Lamar Jackson is out with an injury at the moment however the Associated Press reports that Baltimore is hopeful that he will return for week 16. If he does end up returning then it could be an interesting matchup to see how much the knee injury has affected him. Our Pick: Ravens

Bengals @ Patriots
This game could be a good test as to how well prepared the Patriots are or are not prepared for the playoffs in this potential first-round matchup and it could be a good test as to how deep the New England running game as Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson is on the injured list and there is much more hope for Stevenson then Harris for him being ready for the week 16 matchup. It could also be a good test for the offensive line as they may have to hold long enough for Jones to get the ball down the field more, especially if both Stevenson and Harris are hurt and would put pressure on play caller Matt Patricia who has been under fire lately to call more passing plays. Our Pick: Bengals

Bills @ Bears
The Bills running game suffered a severe blow this month when Von Miller was placed on injured reserve which ends his season. With a lot of run-heavy teams in the AFC it could be a good test for the Bills run defense if his injury continues into the playoffs. As for the Bears if Justin Fields and David Montgomery can dominate the running game and dominate time of possession they could keep it interesting. Our Pick: Bills

Giants @ Vikings
This game could be a test of the Vikings depth at wide receiver as wide receiver Justin Jefferson and tight end Ian Smith are both out with injuries. Smith, who has been dancing with the injury since the beginning of November, is more likely to return for this game than Jefferson. As for the Giants if they can get running back Saquon Barkley going they could make it a long day for the Minnesota defense. Our Pick: Vikings

Commanders @ 49ers
This one is a potential round one matchup but may not quite have the feel as it’s doubtful that 49ers quarterback Jimmy will be back and San Francisco doesn’t have any reason to push it considering they have pretty much clinched making the playoffs. The 49ers wide receiver is also facing the same fate. As for Washington, if they can take advantage of the 49ers top talent being injured on offense they could make it a long day for the 49ers. Our Pick: Cowboys

Eagles @ Cowboys
If Cowboys wide receiver TY Hilton and Eagles tight end Dallas Goodert both start Sunday that could only improve two offenses that have been extremely high scoring all season. Usually, this type of game comes down to which team has the ball last and don’t expect this game to be any different. Our Pick:

Raiders @ Steelers
This one will be a good opportunity for Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky to prove that the Steelers made a mistake in choosing Kenny Pickett over him as Pickett is currently in concussion protocol. As for the Raiders, their run defense which is ranked 10th in the league will have their hands full dealing with Steelers running back Najee Harris. Our Pick: Raiders

Packers @ Dolphins
The most intriguing Christmas matchup by far in this one is the Dolphins passing attack which has the second most yards in the league per game at 277.5 against Green Bay pass defense who has the fifth fewest passing yards against in the NFL. With both teams having running backs averaging about five yards a game against Aaron Jones and Raheem Mostert this game will come down to whichever team can protect the quarterback better. Our Pick: Dolphins

Broncos @ Rams
With Russell Wilson, who has clearly not met the Broncos expectations this year, on concussion protocol it could be a good time for the Broncos to test other options. As of right now it appears that test will be for Brett Rypien. As for the Rams they are going to have to find ways to compete without Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp, neither of whom are expected to come back this season. Our Pick: Rams

Bucs @ Cardinals
Considering Tom Brady could be teetering on not having his first winning season (the Bucs are currently 6-7) in a really long time you know he will be absolutely on fire for this one, especially considering it will be a Christmas game on national television. As for the Cardinals, Colt McCoy who is having to step in for Kyler Murray he will have a huge test against the Tampa Bay defense who has given up the sixth fewest passing yards in the league at 195.3 Our Pick: Bucs

Chargers @ Colts
If the Colts build a sizeable lead in this one they won’t be able to afford to do what they did against Minnesota where they blew a 33-0 lead. One area that could be an interesting matchup in this one could be the Los Angeles passing attack against the Colts pass defense as both teams are ranked number three in this Monday night matchup. Our Pick: Chargers

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