NFL Week 18 preview

Seahawks @ Rams
The depth of the Seattle offense could be tested as wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was placed on injured reserve and running back Rashad Penny on injured reserve as well so DK Metcalf and the other Seattle weapons will have to step it up. As for the Rams who are likely looking more to next year, it could be a good test for Baker Mayfield to see what he can do against the Seattle defense and prove what he can do in a hostile environment. Our Pick: Rams

Texans @ Colts
While it’s a mystery as to which quarterback will start for the Colts as Matt Ryan is currently inactive and with their lead running back Jonathan Taylor on injured reserve it could be a good opportunity for their substitutes to prove their worth heading into next season. As for Houston it could be a good opportunity for running back Royce Freeman to prove his worth as Texans running back Dameon Pierce is currently injured with an ankle injury. Our Pick: Texans

Vikings @ Bears
In a game that very well could be run-heavy, time of possession could be the dominant factor in this one. As for motivations they have the opposite as the Vikings will be looking to secure the second seed in the playoffs while all the Bears players will be looking to continue to prove their worth to stay with the team next year. Our Pick: Vikings

Ravens @ Bengals
With a Bengals team that got hot at the right time as they have either won eight games in a row or seven of their last eight (editor’s note I wrote this before the Bengals played this week so please edit as necessary) combined with Lamar Jackson being out they will likely have to hope that the Baltimore run game can come through to try to keep the Cincinnati offense off the field. Our Pick: Bengals

Chargers @ Broncos
In a season where Denver quarterback Russell Wilson has clearly not met Denver’s standards it shouldn’t be a surprise if their coaching staff is quick to pull Wilson, which could create another opportunity for the back up to see if he is the true quarterback of the Broncos future. Our Pick: Chargers

Jets @ Dolphins
In a contest where we could see two teams that are pretty much right at .500 without their starting quarterback one would think this would be a great time for both quarterbacks to prove their worth in this one as the Dolphins quarterback Tua Tugavoliva has been on concussion protocol and are unlikely to play him, especially considering they were famously bad at having handled his case of having a concussion. As for the actual game the passing attack for Miami should be interesting as the Jet’s defense has the fifth-fewest yards in the league through the air on defense garnering only 195.5 yards per game through the air on defense. Our Pick: Dolphins

Panthers @ Saints
In a contest where Carolina’s quarterback Sam Darnold has yet to throw an interception this season it could be a huge game-changer should they be able to keep the ball away from the Saints. Our Pick: Panthers

Giants @ Eagles
In a game that could be a potential future playoff matchup this offseason it’s gonna be a matter of which team wins the battles upfront as both the Giants and Eagles have strong running games. The Giants are currently sixth in the league in rushing at 144.9 points per game while the Eagles fourth at 153.8 points per game. Our Pick: Giants

Patriots @ Bills
If the Patriots either win this one and/or get help from the Dolphins it could potentially put them in a situation to potentially get their first playoff win in the post Tom Brady era. As for the actual game they will have to figure out a way to slow down the Bills vaunted offense. Our Pick: Bills

Cardinals @ 49ers
The 49ers are in a situation where quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel are both considered active so don’t expect the 49ers to try to make any big waves in this game as they have easily clinched their berth in the playoffs. Our Pick: 49ers

Bucs @ Falcons
While Tom Brady may have already helped Tampa Bay clinch his division it could still be the first losing season in his career should Tampa Bay lose which should give him extra fire heading into this one. Just like always, if Atlanta builds a lead they should know better than anyone that if they build a lead against Tom Brady they should know to keep going which has been an ongoing issue for Atlanta. Our Pick: Bucs

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